Addison Joseph is an African young man from South Sudan, having been born and raised in the multi_ethnic and multicultural state that is Sudan and South Sudan, and coming from a strong lineage of activists, it only seemed natural that he would be one of the vocal youths on democracy and the promotion of human rights.

He is currently an active member of the youth led organization, Girifna (we are fed up) Movement., Youth Forum for Social Peace (YFSP) and Youth Initiative for South Sudan  (YISS).
“I believe  the stability of democracy in Africa and  the promotion of human rights depends on youth political participation,” Addison.




El-Sir Elsharief is a Sudanese Human rights activist working  in several human rights organizations as well as the civil society .He currently  residence in the Republic of Mali – Bamako,where he spearheads a social media campaign on democracy and human rights .

“With your initiative we can contribute to the upbringing of a new generation in Africa that believes in democracy,respect for human rights . sustainable development  and the fight against corruption,” El-Sir.



“What is democracy, i don’t know what democracy is, what i know is that democracy  means self reliance,” said 27 years Tumanini Daniel when asked on her knowledge of democracy.
AYID has taken time to enlighten me on the meaning of democracy, and i shall take it upon myself to dessiminate this to everybody i know, everyone needs to know about democracy.”
She is a fiery young woman who welcome you with a hearty smile, is a few minutes we were able to learn her story.Tumanini dropped out of school when she was 12 years old in her sixth year primary school.She like many Tanzanian youth from poor background went out in search of a job and landed the current one which she has been holding for the past 11 years.




“Governments should be democratic, there should ensure equality , the government should provide necessary services like hospitals, schools e.t.c, And we the citizens will pick it up from there,”

We have to play our role to ensure there is democracy , using non-violent means.our leadership too should stop being self centered and focus on the needs of the people.
Ayub  Daniel currently works as an horticulturist in Arusha, Despite scoring grades that could have him join any university of his choice, the economic crisis affected his sponsor who was unable to continue funding his education.He is a human rights activist and plans to become a geologist in the future.




Lionel Nintereste is a quite young man from Burundi, the passion that consumes him once he talks about youth comes as a huge surprise.

“Democracy ensures equality and justice for all, knowing that empowers us with knowledge on our rights as youth, as a people , as a nation.”

The young man is currently incarcerated for his loud political views on democracy, when not in detention Lionel works as a chief receptionist at a leading hotel in Bujumbura.He is an active member of the East African Youth Forum and an avid activist on equality and justice.

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