Youth Voices

Youth Voices

I think the girl child needs a voice, I think the girl childs’ voice needs to be heard”,Belqisa. heard”,Belqisa


An first glance Belqisa Abdi, is a young beautiful African woman of Somali decent, she is garbed in a modern version of the Hijab a strong indication of her faith.

Belqisa was born in Mandera a Kenyan town bordering Somalia, which has been the center of ongoing ethnic clashes between different communities. And where practices like early marriage and Female Genital Mutilation are deeply engrained in the culture.

Years later, a mother  of three and a strong advocate against early marriage and FGM, Belqisa is a young woman on a mission. She will be featuring in an upcoming documentary film by African Youth Initiative for Democracy.

A revolution of intellectual youth is an inevitable paradigm shift, it is a slow but sure start,” Nepo.


He strides for the interview in long graceful strides,  Rwema Sibomana Jean Nepo is a young African man from Rwanda with an authoritative aura about him.His serious looks softens when asked about his childhood.

years later the survivor of the Rwandan genocide is a strong advocate of Non-violent conflict resolution , an active member of the Rwandan Youth Action Network and  a serious believer in the power of organized youth.

Nepo is a born leader and a force to reckon with and will be starring in a documentary film under production by African Youth Initiative for Democracy.


“African youth arise to your potential; we are youth only once and will never become one after this season of our generation is gone. We can make a difference wherever we are if and only if our mind is right,”Tongo.


Soft spoken Tongo James Elisama Warija is a young African man from Africa’s newest state South Sudan, His eyes betray the wisdom acquired over  the 22 years of political strife in Sudan.

Having been engaged in Peace Building and Governance Trainings in Post war South Sudan for the past 7 years, Tongo isPassionate about Youth Leadership skills development and Peer Mentorship and is a strong believe in the power of youth.

He is the Co-Founder and President; Eastern Africa Youth Forum (EAYF), Pursuing Bachelor of Economics in Business Management and Administration (EBA). Catholic University of South Sudan.

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