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Art for change is an arts event that aims at celebrating and appreciating at work that has a positive impact to the society. This first of its kind event Targets young people with artistic skills and are focused to making positive change in the society. art is a strong tool that can be used to advance positive change. If well nurtured and appreciated then it can transform our society. More »


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An aray of hope On road of the change


An aray of hope
On road of the change

Some of National organizations and foreign organizations works in Sudan , in the time of silence , must monitor of human rights that encroached and suppressed by the Sudanese government .Role of organizations not watch only the behaviour and misdeed the governmens ,have to press it, to reform its policy against the oppositions .Because the authority has perfect power and always uses policy of disguise and exceed the law …

The young activists and independent journalists and writers have not rights of protection from the arrest for long time ,when they arrest their places are unknown. They security power threats the journalists and activists by persistence recalling to the office of security . The chief editor of newspapers impose censorship for them selves , it is sword of threats always on their necks . We always lookfroward to better situation in our country , the situation is still worse . As long as , the European organizations ,and other belong to the government which have offices in the capital and branches in other states ,look by one eye ,the Sudanese government goes on encroach the rights of human , and silence of some monitors , it is an incentive to do what they want against others ….

How can we build our country ? the freedom is successful medicine , it is key of areal conversation , and it is not stick of power . The regime of the national congress party , the ruler party ,believes holding of stick , may lead the state to the shore of stability …

How can we build our country ? the freedoms are hidden in the box of ruler regime , and always talks about national conversation , and opposition leaders and activists in the prisons and detention and journalist .
In fact , the rulers party tries to cheat us by this conversation, and creats anew joke nominated , the social conversation finally ,it is another trick , who participate in it ? majority of them belong to National Congress Party ,the dominant party leads state to the hell slowly . Whatever , they said , the participants in the social conversation are independence organizations , they assist the regime ruler only .
But , we have an aray of hope , we may save it by peaceful work , and solidarity of young activists and journalists want the true change .

18 August
In the time of detention
In the prison of North Kordofan state
Journalist and activist
Hassan Ishag

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