Tribalism and Democracy

Africa’s democratic transition is back in the spotlight. The concern is no longer the stranglehold of autocrats, but the hijacking of the democratic process by tribal politics.(BBC)

Every day we see conflicts mushrooming across the continent, irrespective  of the causes development is dragged back to square one by the hands of self proclaimed tribal Messiahs’. And like sheep led to their evident demise, kin and tribesmen beat their chest and offer their support, and are willing to lay down their lives and that of their families to defend the tribe.the anger and thirst for vengeance blinds them from seeing that on the other end of this is an innocent man, woman child, whose only crime was to be affiliated with tribe X.While the Messiahs’ wine and dine with all colors of the tribal spectrum, while their children socialize, be-friend and even marry tribe X and Y, their minions are busy shriveling with hate. Because what one doesn’t realize is that the Messiah knows, No tribe is better than the other, the Hate impedes the civilians from uniting against  failing systems. Tribes are unable to unite for a common good, ie free or affordable quality health care , education and  livelihood.

What would happened if all tribes united against the underdevelopment, poor education systems, poor health systems, access to quality basic and secondary education, access to electricity and safe drinking water. What is the right of a citizens of a democratic state.

 Women and Democracy

For women to embrace and offer their full potential in today’s patriachial society, a democratic revolution in a necessity. Success is measured by productivity, for states to a reach their full potential, women must be fully involved. The mere thought of women being inferior has paralyzed many of their potentials, because irrespective of sex once there is a continued de-valuation of an individual, that individual will cease trying to prove the contrary sooner or later.

Toyin Ajao, a feminist and rights activists says “Whatever definition we want to ascribe to it, I have been an advocate of participatory governance. Is this what democracy is about? If yes, then it is in line with my philosophy where liberty, equality and equity are the benchmark of a political institution. To be effective and to yield to the need of the populace, this is necessary. At what point in a political journey of a country is this entrenched? Perhaps, this is a question to critically look at. But essentially, for the rights of women to be promoted and respected, a political institution that is participatory and responsive is the answer. Where women issues and needs are not only debated but women themselves, are at the forefront of this development, formulating their own agenda and responding to their own needs. ”

 Economy and Democracy.

Influence is sweet, it earns you respect and recognition. In today’s world the degree of influence one has mostly correlates with the depth of ones pocket. However in a society where the economy is monopolized by a few individuals which in  most African settings constitute the government itself.This not only widens the poverty gap, but also increases the corruption epidemic. Therefore the economy becomes one of the few for the few by the few.

There fore economic empowerment of citizens is the first step in the right direction, this is by ensuring that your people have a source of livelihood be it  in private or public sector.This also means that the state (which is for the people) should invest in its people, by funding Small to Medium scaled enterprises  , prioritizing those in the production sector ie farmers to boost food production and ultimately decrease the cost of living for its people.

Foreign investors or the public Sector should only be granted access to the state resources on condition that they train and qualify local cadres to hold top positions.They are also expected to positively impact the community it is based in, Take for example SAFARI-COM Kenya, which is a telecommunications company that has launched many initiatives, be it supporting agriculture in arid areas, to empowering girl children through education, to supporting SME’s by offering them websites at low costs and the list is endless.

However if the state is not one with the people it will feel no obligation to make sure these conditions are met, let alone follow up and evaluate progress of these companies versus the local community.


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