Arbitrary Arrest of Rights Activists on the Rise:the story of Abubakr

After the split of South Sudan in 2011, Human Rights Violations rates in Sudan skyrocketed. Humanitarian organizations were kicked out on claims of espionage and sympathizing with rebels, and the paranoid government imposed stricter sanctions on media houses and civil society groups. Security agents were trained in the thousands, blending in youth, political or civil society rallies and weeding out those assumed to be spearheading the campaigns to initiate change.

The situation became exceptionally dangerous for journalists , activists and political leaders whose views were not aligned with government interest, as they were arrested and arbitrarily detained and sometimes even tortured to stop what was deemed anti-government and unpatriotic calls

One young man whom we shall name Abubakr, recently fell in with the NIS agents and narrated the following story .

shadow-of-a-friend-843132-mHe had traveled to a nearby east African country to undertake an short course in English, upon his return to Khartoum, the young man who felt energized continued his activism in the streets, universities and youth clubs on corruption and democracy.

Unknown to him, Abubakr had already become a target of the intelligence service.An active member of Girifna He was arbitrarily detained no his way to visit his mother in one of the towns in Eastern Sudan.

After three days of extensive interrogation, torture both physically and emotionally. Abubakr who was told “How do you think a black personal like you can one day rule,” and “stay where you belong and stop dreaming.”

He was however released after he was issued an ultimatum to either sign an apology letter stating he would not speak against the government or face continued imprisonment.

Now Abubakr is free, attending more human rights workshops and avid activist.

When speaking to AYID Abubakr said,” I will continue doing my part, only then can I feel content with myself.”

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